Thank you  for  visiting our Dojo Website. We are a traditional karate school offering training  in  
the Japanese style Shotokan Karate. The quality of  instruction that is  provided is excellent.  Our
school membership is not large,  by design.  We prefer students who are serious about learning and
studying traditional karate, rather than students who merely wish to 'do' karate as a sport or as a
pastime. Please check the 'Contact' page for training days and times.

Our instructors  are friendly, approachable and enjoy training  with our existing family of students
as well as prospective and new students.

Discipline and mutual respect is a foundation of Karate-do and is always required and maintained
during class to create and assure a safe training environment. If you live in Central Florida or are
visiting Orlando and are looking for a Dojo to train in while you are here, you are welcome to train
with us. Please bring your karate Gi to class or in the case of new students, just wear comfortable
Welcome to Black Tiger Shotokan Karate - Hara Kenkojuku Florida Martial Arts Dojo
         Black Tiger Shotokan Karate- Hara Kenkojuku Florida
                                    Martial Arts Dojo
Peter Spence, Head Instructor, over 35 years experience in Shotokan
karate and  holds the  rank of  Rokudan.  Sensei was a  student of
Masakazu Takahashi Shihan, Takahashi Dojo, Amityville, NY and
Minoru Horie, Horie Karate Dojo, Hartsdale, NY. Spence Sensei is
also Shodan in Shorin Ryu Karate
The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection
of the characters of its participants.

Gichin Funakoshi
Above are images of our W. Orlando Dojo. Situated at the Shindai AIkikai Budokan Dojo, it is a
very traditional Dojo where several styles are taught by instructors highly proficient at their styles,
including: Aikido, Judo, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Kendo, Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu, Daito-ryu Aikijujitsu,
Toyama Ryu Iaido and of course our Shotokan. Our Dojo uses the wooden floor area along with
Kendo and Eishen Ryu and Iaido and the padded surface is used by the other Styles who's
techniques require repeated contact with the mat. Both are excellent surfaces.

About Us:

Black Tiger Shotokan Karate was formed in 2006 by Peter Spence Sensei. Hara Kenkojuku Florida
Marrtial Arts Dojo was founded In January 2010 by J. Edwin Perez Sensei. Both share the
Kenkojuku lineage. In June, 2013, after many years of working together, both schools joined
together to form Black Tiger Shotokan Karate- Harakenkojuku Florida Traditional Martial Arts

In 2015 we proudly became Affiliate Members of ASKKA - American Shotokan Kenkojuku
Karate-do Alliance.
J. Edwin Perez, Senior Instructor, over 25 years experience in
Shotokan karate and holds the rank of Sandan. Sensei was a student of
Herb Wiles Shihan, Harakenkojuku Dojo, Queens, NY.  Perez Sensei
is also Nidan in Jujitsu.
Our Instructors:
Our Shidoin:

Stefano Geminiani - Nidan. Mr. Geminiani joined us from Milan, Italy
and has over 25 years experience in Shotokan Karate. He trained under
Guiseppe Mascani Senseoi, at  "Centro Karate Shotokan Rutigliano G."
He was awarded Shodan in 1998.

Giovanni Vianello - Nidan. Mr. Vianello began his study of Shotokan
Karate at Azato Karate Club, Lido, Venice, Italy and has over 30 years
experience in Shotokan karate experience. His instructor was Daniele
Bofelli Sensei,

William Bohan - Nidan - Dnzan Ryu Jujitsu. Mr. Bohan is also Head
Instructor of Florida Danzan Ryu Jujitsu here at the Shindai Aikikai
Budokan. He began his training through the American Judo and Jujitsu
Federation in 1996 and was awarded Shodan in 2006. He is now also
training in Shotokan Karate.
Peter Van Westering, Senior Weapons Instructor, over 40 years
experience in Shorin Ryu Karate. Sensei Van Westering holds the rank
of Rokudan in Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu and Shodan in Shotokan Karate.

Van Westering Sensei teaches Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Kama.