Our Rank Progression for students: White belt to Shodan

Note: Students, with no previous training, begin training as a white belt.    
Advancement time varies depending  on the ability of each student and also
the frequency of their training. Karate training is NOT about rank. It is about
learning. In time...rank will follow.

White Belt  

Yellow Belt

Green Belt

Blue Belt

Purple Belt - 1
Purple Belt - 2

Brown Belt - 1

Brown Belt - 2

Brown Belt - 3  

Black Belt - Shodan - 1st Degree      
Note: Students under the age of 16 who qualify, will be awarded 'Shodan
Taigu' status until they reach their 16th birthday and then will re-test for full
Shodan rank.

Weapons training:
Weapons training generally begins at 7th Kyu for adult students.
We provide training in Bo, Sai and Nunchaku, as determined by Sensei.
Black Tiger Shotokan welcomed  its first  students in December, 2006. Hara Kenkojuku was
formed in 2010.  We have had many students visit and train with us over these past years.   
Considering all the Dojos in the Central Florida market, we always feel very fortunate to be
chosen as the school of choice by those who have come to visit and train with us while
visiting in Orlando and more so by those who have stayed. Karate-do is long journey. We
enjoy having good friends on that journey with us.

We  pride ourselves in  that we  teach and follow a  traditional Shotokan syllabus  in  our
training. We monitor student's  performance in class and  expect that they will take home what
has been learned in the dojo and continue their practice there.

If you have ever thought about training and  have concerns  or fears of being the "new student'
at the school...don't let that keep you away. Regardless of how young or old you may be, you
will feel at home here. Prospective students in their 'mid-life' often feel that their time has
passed for learning a martial art. That is absolutely not so. You may not be able to execute a
difficult technique at  first, but given  time and training you  will see  how simple it is to
adjust once  you have been shown gradually how to do it, one step at a time. After all, there is
no rush, is there?
     Black Tiger Shotokan Karate- Hara Kenkojuku Florida
                           Martial Arts Dojo