Master Okano    
and Sensei
prior to the start
of class during
one of Okano      
sensei' visits to
the USA.

Photo taken at the
Amityville Dojo
Master Okano, taken
during the same visit
as above
Black Tiger Shotokan Karate- Harakenkojuku Florida
        Traditional Martial Arts Dojo
Aug, 2008 - Earlier this year we were very honored to be
visited by Sensei Andrew Faupel (standing to the right of
Sensei Spence), head instructor , Kenkojuku Karate of
South Jersey.  Having also been a student of Takahashi
Sensei, he  shared some of his experiences and
techniques and afterward we all had a good work-out.
Jul, 2008 - Sensei with his Grandson. July, 2008
Top - Community demo - Amityville - 1980's
Bottom - Training Amytiville Dojo - 1980's
Top - Dojo competition - 1980's
Bottom - Minoro Horie Shihan and Sensei at
a local tournament - 1980's
Sensei's good friend Peter Van Westering Sensei, Rising Sun
Karate Dojo, Longwood, Fl. - Annual Fall beach training -
October, 2008
Weapons Seminar - Spring, 2009
First Photos at Shotokan Tiger Academy - 2010
Weapons Seminar - Spring, 2009
Weapons Seminar - Spring, 2009
Weapons Seminar - Spring, 2009
Minoru Horie Shihan -
Excellent Instructor. More me,
a valued friend. Sensei.
                       Kagami Biraki - January 2014
Kagami Biraki is a time of celebration in Japan. It traditionally falls on January 11 (odd numbers are associated with
being good luck in Japan) It refers to the opening of a Kagami mochi, or to the opening of a cask of Sake at a party or
ceremony. The ceremony nowadays is also performed at other significant events worthy of being celebrated. As a
Budokan style Dojo we have 6 traditional style schools at Shindai Aikikai. Each year  we celebrate Kagami Biraki
every January and all of our schools come together at the Dojo to share our various styles and afterward we have
lunch prepared by the various school. It's a great time for Camaraderie. Below are sample photos of some of the
sharing that took place. A wonderful day on the mat was enjoyed by everyone, followed by excellent food!
William Bohan Sensei demons-
trating Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu
Shotokan demonstrating
basic kihon
All participants trying Taikyoku
Shodan kata
Judoka trying their hand at
Taikyoku Shodan kata
Steve Fasen - Chief Instructor of
Shindai Aikikai Aikido Dojo
Everyone preparing for Judo
demonstration of the day
Seasoned Judoka doing
what they like to do best
Bohan sensei and our Garrett
Boyle trying their hands at Judo
Kick USA Tournament February-2014
Congratulations to (L-R) Mervyn Roberts 2nd-Kata, 1st-Kumite,
Kaitlyn Sewell- 1st-Kumite, Robbie Turner- 2nd kata, 2nd Kumite.
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